Included edits

Included with every session are some basic edits such as color correction, crop, blemish removal, spot removal, skin smoothing, and redness reduction.

I will also convert a few images to black and white but please feel free to request any images that were not converted to black and white to be converted and added to your gallery.

Thinning or slimming of any body part or total body

Hair fixes, including flyaways and color changes

I know we all wish we could be 10 pounds thinner but in the case of retouching this is not an easy edit. I always  send these types of edits to a Professional retoucher to ensure the edits are believable. Thinning and slimming body parts can easily become distorted if your not a pro. The cost for this retouch is  $35.00 per image


Often when we have our pictures taken we love to have our hair down and looking beautiful. Sometimes we can't control the weather and wind can become a big issue for hair. Fixing flyaways or even taking pieces of hair off the face are very intricate. These types of edits are best left for the pros. The cost for this retouch is $30.00 per image


Head Swaps


Adding or Deleting someone or thing from an image

Although this is not often requested it is still some thing I like to include in the retouch menu. In the chance that this is needed a pro much handle this. The cost for this retouch is $50.00 per image


Adding or deleting someone or something from an image is extremely difficult and time consuming. This is not something that is in my realm of expertise at all. A professional can make the image look seamless. The cost for this retouch is $45.00

Please let me know if you have any questions or  about any edits that you do not see here